Sunday, December 06, 2009

Be My Pen-Pal - Call for Applications

Call for Applications; Deadline December 31, 2009

Be My Pen-Pal.

There are five immediate openings for pen-pal positions. I recently read an article stating that the US Postal Service is in serious financial trouble and that postal workers are loosing their jobs and post offices in small towns are at risk of being shut-down. Help make a difference by becoming a pen-pal.

About the position:
Selected pen pals will be required to correspond with me, approximately, once a week. I will send you a correspondence (most likely a postcard) to which you will respond. Once I have received your response I will send you a reply and so on. All correspondence will be included on the web-log (blog) (Your name and address will NOT be included in any of the posts). This position will last one year, at the end of one year we will discuss the possibility of extending the position.

Ability to communicate via postcard, letter, or other mailable format.
Ability to pay for your own postage.
Ability to respond to correspondence within 7 days.
One year commitment. At the end of one year we will discuss the possibility of extending the position.

To apply:
Please submit one paragraph on why you will be a good candidate for one of these highly desirable pen-pal positions.
In your application please give your name and a mailing address where you receive postal correspondence.
Please do NOT submit your resume. If you have relevant work experience please include that information in your application paragraph.

Please submit applications to: Gabriel Burian-Mohr at
(All of our communication, after the initial application process, will be done via postal mail.)

The deadline for applications is December 31st 2009.

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